Progressive Mountain Insurance Company: Innovation in the Rockies

Progressive Mountain Insurance Company: Innovation in the Rockies

In the vast landscape of insurance providers, one company stands out like a towering peak, offering comprehensive coverage and innovative solutions to safeguard individuals and businesses alike. Progressive Mountain Insurance Company has carved its niche as a reliable and forward-thinking insurance provider, scaling new heights in the industry. In this article, we will delve into the core values, offerings, and the unique features that make Progressive Mountain Insurance Company a beacon of protection in the insurance realm.

Nestled in the picturesque Rocky Mountains lies a small insurance company that is anything but traditional. Progressive Mountain Insurance has been serving the unique needs of mountain residents for over 50 years with a highly personalized and innovative approach.

Founding and Philosophy

Progressive Mountain was founded in 1956 by outdoorsman John Iverson. A long-time mountain climber and skier, John was frustrated by the limited and costly insurance options available to those living an active mountain lifestyle. He set out to create a company with the flexibility to accommodate those needs with affordable rates.

John centered the business around a philosophy of really getting to know each customer, their lifestyle, goals and challenges. This allows Progressive Mountain to provide very customized policies. As John put it, “We want to have as close of a relationship as possible with every one of our customers. This ensures we can provide plans that fit their lives, not force them into a predetermined box.”

Specializing in the Mountains

Unlike large national insurance firms, Progressive Mountain only serves mountain regions in a select number of Western states. This intense geographic focus allows them to cater their services to the unique needs of these areas. Mountain living poses increased risks that require specialized coverage options not offered by most providers.

For example, cabin properties often face heightened wildfire and wind damage threats. Many mountain residents also have higher medical evacuation costs if injured given the remote terrain. Progressive Mountain shapes their coverage and rates to account for these specific concerns. Their local expertise cannot be matched by outsiders.

Personalized Policies

Progressive Mountain sets themselves apart through customized insurance plans for every customer. They are committed to getting to know policy holders’ individual situations before making recommendations. The agents dig deep into their customers’ lifestyles, properties, health conditions and financial situations. This enables them to craft tailored policies addressing unique needs.

For some this means bundling multiple properties into one plan. For others it involves exclusions or limits on certain types of high-risk activities. There are no off-the-shelf, one-size-fits-all policies at Progressive Mountain. Each plan is built around the client. Even within households, customization accounts for each family member’s differing needs regarding property, vehicles, health and life insurance.


Progressive Mountain is also an industry innovator in their approach to writing and servicing insurance policies. A few examples include:

Usage-Based Auto Insurance: They provide telematics devices to track driving habits and tie premiums to actual vehicle use. Safe drivers pay less while those incurring more risk pay more.

Drones: Contracted drone pilots are used to inspect roofs and provide aerial views of remote mountain properties to identify risks and determine accurate replacement costs.

Wildfire Risk Models: Proprietary predictive analytics assess precise wildfire threats across the mountain West by considering vegetation, topography, weather patterns and more. This enables accurate pricing for fire coverage.

Innovation Lab: An dedicated team studies emerging technologies and solutions to improve insurance processes and offerings for mountain residents. This includes everything from smart home sensors to wearables to digital policy management.

Award-Winning Service

Complementing their specialty expertise and customized policies, Progressive Mountain is renowned for service. They have earned industry awards recognizing both their claims response and customer satisfaction ratings.

Their weather event Quick Response Teams are ready to address widespread claims immediately after storms. Local adjustors provide fast on-site assessments, prioritizing hardship cases. The company has also invested heavily in digital claims processing capabilities for efficient resolutions.

Several generations of families and prominent Western figures have come trust Progressive Mountain with their insurance needs. The loyalty stems not only from specialized policies but also the genuine relationship customers develop with agents. Ongoing education and consultation ensures plans keep pace with life changes.

Growth and Accolades

Despite their small size, Progressive Mountain has captured respectable market share in mountain zones. They now serve over 80,000 households across 11 states. Strong partnerships with outdoor associations, ski resorts, outfitters and ranches have accelerated growth through word-of-mouth referrals.

Industry groups regularly recognize Progressive Mountain for their expertise, innovation and customer experience:

  • Best Regional Carrier – Mountain Insurance Association
  • Innovation Excellence Award – American Property Casualty Underwriters
  • Claims Team of the Year – National Association of Adjusters
  • Top Customer Satisfaction Rating – J.D. Power & Associates

The Future

As Progressive Mountain celebrates over 50 years serving mountain communities, they look towards continued specialization moving forward. Expanding their proprietary risk models, usage-based offerings and technical innovations will allow further customization in coverage.

And while technology will continue enhancing operations, their focus on local agents building personal customer relationships endures. Human expertise of mountain exposure risks cannot be replaced. Nor can the trust established through years of deeply understanding clients’ evolving needs. Just as mountaineers rely on skilled guides to lead them, Progressive Mountain will provide expertise navigating insurance so customers can focus on mountain adventures.

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